Wildly Wise: Trusting the Nature Within.

Like nature, you have an amazing capacity to handle the circumstances in your life.
Did you know there’s a jellyfish that can live forever?
Or that there’s a seed that requires the heat of a fire to sprout?


jellyfish by scott-webb-2166927-pexels

Wildly Wise: Trust the Nature Within takes you on a journey through a diverse, yet relatable series of stories and creates parallels between our struggles as humans and aspects of the natural world.

Sarah Tronco, LCSW has come up with a self-help book that takes readers on a journey through unique yet relatable stories of individuals who trusted their innate wisdom to overcome obstacles. Readers will find exercises throughout to help them cultivate a connection to their internal wisdom.

Sarah is a mental health therapist and owner of Moon Bloom Wellness, LLC, and was inspired to write this book after experiencing her own difficulty trusting herself, as well as seeing many others who seemed disconnected from the power within them to improve their lives. Wildly Wise: Trust the Nature Within is published by New Degree Press, an independent publisher that creates empowering author communities.

“Wildly Wise is full of incredible stories of mental and physical anguish and uses powerful metaphors to show how people found the answers within themselves to adapt and overcome their struggle.” — Roger Osorio, Author of The Journey to Reinvention

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